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Howth Castle Cookery School

About our classes

At Howth Castle Cookery School, students enjoy learning new cooking skills in a relaxed but focused environment. Situated in the historic 18th century Georgian kitchen, we have the perfect class for all skill levels and interests. Our professional chefs cook alongside you to ensure you enjoy the best experience whilst learning new skills and elevating your recipe repertoire.

Our hands-on cooking courses and workshops are uniquely curated to offer a range of dishes from around the globe as well as local favourites.  Whatever your focus, our chefs ensure it is an enjoyable and fun experience..

Courses and workshops range from 2 - 6 hours in duration allowing students the opportunity to master their culinary choice. You will be guided through an exceptional epicurean experience, creating amazing dishes and fresh baked goods, Dining follows on all prepared, in the beautifully restored Butler's Room at Howth Castle, with a glass of wine or select beverage. 

The team at Howth Castle Cookery School is committed to ensuring that students walk away with new recipes in hand combined with new knowledge, ability and culinary confidence.


Meet our Chefs

Our highly experienced chefs create a relaxed and professional environment for you to enjoy and make the most of your Cooking Classes Dublin.

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Located in the picturesque fishing village of Howth, we have an abundance of fresh seafood resources at our doorstep. Book one of our Fish or Shellfish Cooking Courses Today.

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Improve your plant based vegetarian and vegan cooking skills by booking one of our vegetarian or vegan cooking courses at the Howth Castle Cookery School.

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Our bread baking classes include Focaccia, Nordic Rye, Naan and Brown bread delivered by our team of expert chefs. Book a class now.

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Cakes & Pastries

Our Pastry Chef Course and Cake Baking Courses at Howth Castle Cookery School helps to expand your baking skills even further. Enquire today.

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Fermented Foods & Pickling

Fermentation and Pickling has become hugely popularized in recent years. Come and learn the latest techniques at Howth Cookery School.

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Asian Cuisine

Learn the primary ingredients of curry pastes, spices & how to use them with our Asian Food Cooking Class at Howth Castle Cookery School Dublin. Book Now.

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Thai Cuisine

It's a combination of sour, sweet, salty, bitter & spicy flavours that make Thai food unique. Book a Thai cooking class at Howth Cookery School online now.

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Japanese Cuisine

Take on a Japanese Cooking Class or Sushi Making Class in Dublin at the Howth Cookery School. Book a class online now.

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Spanish Cuisine

Spanish cuisine includes tapas and paella. Learn how to make these iconic dishes by booking a Spanish cuisine cooking class online now.

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Gluten Free

Omitting gluten may seem daunting at first but our gluten free cooking classes will teach you deliciously satisfying new gluten free recipes. Book Now.

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French Cuisine

French food is globally renowned for its techniques, traditions and fine flavours. Book a French cuisine class or course online now.

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Indian Cuisine

Howth Cookery School provide Indian Cookery Classes in Dublin that teaches you to cook curries, fish dishes & more. Book a class now.

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Vietnamese Cuisine

Join us at Howth Castle Cookery School for our Vietnamese Cooking Classes in Dublin. You will learn how to create a range of dishes & complimentary sauces.

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Italian Cuisine

Learn to make some delicious as well as quick and easy Italian cuisine dishes by booking an Italian cooking course at Howth Cookery School in Dublin.

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Middle Eastern Cuisine

Learn how to create a variety of Middle Eastern dishes with deep and complex flavours. Book your Middle Eastern Cooking Class online today.

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Chinese Cuisine

At our Chinese Cooking Classes Dublin you will learn to cook a range of traditional Chinese dishes such as Dim Sum, Gai Lan and how to use Sichuan Pepper. Our classes are perfect for all skill levels. Book Now.

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Howth Cookery School, we provide desserts, cooking classes, cakes and pastries so you can learn how to create delicious desserts, pastries & chocolate treats. Book Now.

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